“From Heartbreak to Heaven”

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A documentary of the harsh realities of the children and their mothers who are prostituted & sex trafficked in Fortaleza, Brazil. “From Heartbreak to Heaven” brings awareness about an unstoppable force of Love fighting against the horrors of  prostitution, sex trafficking, and drug wars.

Brazil is second only to Thailand as a center of child sex trafficking, 95% of Brazilian favela (slum) children are raped or abused, often leading to drugs for escape and then prostitution to support the habit. Unless something must be done to break this cycle! One of Brazil’s most notorious destinations for child prostitution is centered in the favelas, or slums, of Fortaleza, a coastal city of more than 2.5 million people in Northeast Brazil.



“A Thousand Shades of Grace”

A collection of inspiring everyday stories of Grace - unbridled love that has no conditions - submitted by the public. These stories are intended to inspire people to be kinder, more compassionate and loving toward one another.

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Fundraising Event in Collaboration with SF Batala in San Rafael!

A Bay Area fundraising event is in the works this summer featuring SF Batala - women's Brazilian drumming group along with David Peters, Director of documentary, "From Heartbreak To Heaven". Stay tuned...


Clint Borzoni To Compose for "From Heartbreak To Heaven"

-Clint Borzoni, New York based up and coming composer has written over seventy pieces, including two full-length operas, two one-act operas, a piano concerto, percussion quartet, work for orchestra, two string quartets, several works for chamber orchestra and over forty art songs. His music reflects his passion for lyricism and functional harmony.

When Clint reviewed the introduction of "From Heartbreak To Heaven", he was moved and said, "it spoke to him" and he agreed to compose for this documentary. Passion Voice is excited about what will transpire from his gift of music and how he can help our documentary, "From Heartbreak To Heaven" reach the hearts of others.. the AGAPE (Greek def.) kind of love. 


From Tom & Virginia - November 23, 2015 (unedited)

We currently have 15 children, which 6 are adopted. 60 children from the community are been helped with school tutoring, meals and parents hospitalization in recovery houses.

Regarding our financial needs, we are in need of: 

We need to raise funds because we close a deal with the house owner where we leave with the kids since a murder happened closed to us. We made a commitment of 47 installments of R$4,000.00 (four thousand Reais) per month. The first installment will be paid on 12/05 by faith!!!

The violence increased considerable and part of the wall fell, we are in the middle of constantly gunfire and we feel very unsafe here. We had 3 gunfires this year and we had to run with the kids to a safe place. We also need to raise funds to build a new wall to secure the kids’ safety.

I hope this information helps, and I pray for our lives!

-Tom and Virginia


From Lauren (Iris Missionary) - November 17, 2015

We are still working with Luiza, Suene, and the cousins. Luiza is no longer living with her mother, but rather staying with her grandmother, still in Oitao, as her mom has gone into full time prostitution and is more heavily using drugs. Suene's mom, Sulamita, is also not doing very well she is pregnant with her 4th child and using drugs not heavily but using. We have opened up a library and tutoring center across the street from the house of prayer in Oitao and Luiza and Suene are some of the kids that are most faithful in coming to the classes (art, reading, health, discipleship, etc.) Please continue to keep them in your prayers.
Unfortunately, we were not able to start renting a house in the red light district. We wanted to rent a specific house but a hour before we turned in the paperwork someone signed papers to rent it. The team focused on the Red Light district has been fasting and praying to have more direction as to next steps. The house would have been used as a place to provide other forms of work for the girls (baking, and salon) as well as a place to disciplship and a safe place to sleep as it was in the red light district.

Tom and Virgina are doing very well. They have just placed a down payment on a property for their family (the kids that they are always adding to). They are in faith for monthly payments over the next years. I think this would be a great thing for Passion Voice to be involved in. Especially since the films have been focused on raising money to have a safe house for children, which at this point we (Iris) are not able to provide and is not one of our immediate focuses. Although, it is something we see such a great need for. We are so thankful for Tom and Virginia and really believe in what they are doing--rescuing children from horrible situations.

Novinho is now living on the base a a full time missionary with Iris. We are so happy to have him here, he is growing a lot going and is going through times of healing from the past. We love him and believe so much in his calling to missions.


I am tremendously excited to announce that "From Heartbreak to Heaven", has gotten front page press via Marin Independent Journal! Thank you, Marin Independent Journal, for bringing attention to this very special project dear to my heart here at home!
-David Peters, Founder of Passion Voice


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