El Shaddai Orphanage - Uganda
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The year was 2005. Uganda was facing an unprecedented number of orphans in their nation, and the cry of those desperate children was impossible to ignore. Pastor Robert Muhumuza not only saw the need but he felt led by God to do something. So he started a children's home, going through the process of taking in (and actually adopting) 30 boys and 30 girls. The home was built adjacent to his church, and the orphaned children immediately became a part of the normal life of the church and community.
Although Pastor Robert heard God's call to take in the children, he had no financial way to care for them. He took the step in faith to bring 60 children to their new home, but soon he found himself the laughing stock of the village. "Why have you brought all those children here, Pastor, if they are only going to starve to death?! They were better off wherever you found them... At least they were alive!"
Pastor Robert knew God had called him to bring in those 60 children, he just needed to discover how God planned to provide for them. Through a series of God-sized miracles Pastor Robert was led to a relationship with a church in California, Twin Cities Church of Grass Valley. The American church saw the obvious needs of the orphans, and embraced the opportunity to share both their resources and love with those precious children. The children began to eat, they began to get basic medical care, they were able to start elementary school. They were alive, they were loved, and they thrived. 
Over the years Twin Cities Church, along  with some other churches and individuals, has helped care for these special children. Relationships developed, hearts were bonded, and the children (now 61 of them) grew into young teenagers. As they grew older their needs grew as well, and the International support that they had been receiving stretched thin. It has been said that "education is life" in Uganda, and many of the children have entered high school, with a wild dream of a university education. To become all they were created to be, to maybe escape a life of endless poverty... This is the story of the children of El Shaddai.
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