A Thousand Shades of Grace

“A Thousand Shades of Grace”
Inspiring Stories of Love Without Limits

The most important reason for this project is to bring more love into this world. Sharing your unconditional love story will do this.

Got love? Send us a story. Big or small.

There are three types of stories you can submit. The theme is always the same – unconditional love.

Choose one or choose them all:
From the past:  A story you have experienced personally from your past or one that was told to you. The only qualification is that you learned something positive from it.

From the present: Challenge yourself! Create a new unconditional love experience and write a story about it. Consider these topics:
● Love an enemy.
● Love the unlovable.
● Freely forgive someone who harmed you.
● Be anonymously generous. Pay someone’s rent, dinner bill, electric bill etc.
● Surprise a stranger with kindness.
● Change judgment into love.
● Help someone in need. No thank you necessary.
● Accept a rejected person.
● Humbly serve somewhere for free.
● Offer your professional skills or talents for free to help someone.


Visual:  Submit an original photograph, drawing or painting that symbolizes extraordinary love to you and explain why it does.



1. Select a category: Past ,Present ,or Visual.  I heartily recommend experiencing the "Present day" challenge. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone suddenly did that? Kindness Pandemonium!
2. Write a rough draft of your story – tell it from your heart. Focus on how the love incident affected you. Did it change your perspective on life? Did it reaffirm, inspire, or teach you something? Did it make you grateful, motivated, happy? Why did it move you? Make the story as meaningful as you can, from 50 to 400 words.. Don't worry about grammar, punctuation, or spelling. That can all be fixed. Just give us your heart.
3. Click here to see Sample Stories.
4. Complete the submission form below. Type your story in the "Story" area OR paste it from a Word document. If sending a photo, drawing or painting send a JPEG, PNG (confirm file types) Make it at least 3 MB.